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Santa Monica video 

     Watch the TV interview on BBC Look East where we talk about Santa Monica, how the songs came back

to me and the healing power of music


Listen to the interview with  Mike Naylor on BBC Three Counties. 

We talk about life with a brain injury, recording with Mel Gaynor and some of the organisations who have helped me along the way

For more interviews please visit the about page

 Llewleyn Screen

A&R Factory blog

Some smart studio is

going to make a fiml aobut his life, I'm sure of it. What a story!

      Sharon  Gaffney -

Watforrd Fringe Festival

   HIs story touched everyone in the room and his music was so           powefrful

   Jacob Thornton 

 Stevenange Comet

He's adopted a new person in the wake of his near-death experience and there's no looking back

Listen to the latest episode of the podcast about the time I met Stephen Hawking and the message he gave me to pass on. 

Places I have appeared  

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Organisations who helped me build a new life

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