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Comeback - story of the song

Updated: Jun 3

Whilst she was in the city, they met and one day went for tea.

Soon after she flew home to the other side of the world.

Then one day she called to ask if she could visit.

His heart skipped a beat and he held out his hand.

Over what would become a long, tumultuous weekend they fell for each other.

Either that or they fell over each other.

She flew back to the other side of the world and a month later had given up everything.

She came back and they moved in togeher.

Had they thought it through? Not in the slightest.

Was it reckless? One hundred percent, yes.

Did it go as planned? They had no plan.


During the ocean journey to come, there would be very little calm.

The waves would rise, fall and crash.

Storm clouds would rain down and strong winds would blow.

They would pass for a while only to soon return.

One day he left, able to take no more.

She wasn't yet established so he left her at home and wandered the city.

It could be said he was weak and ran away instead of facing things.

It's true, he was and he did but amid the confusion and fear there was a strength.

She was scared and felt alone but there was also a strength.

They would still come together only to be torn, or blown apart.

One day her persistence and resilience paid off and she received the reward.

This meant that amidst the greatest storm of all he was able to take back his home.

On a quiet night, after all the fingers had been pointed, he heard her voice on the wind.

"When you point one at me, you point three back at yourself."

He looked to the sky, nodded and bowed his head.

If he went back a year he could hear the words he sang to her.

"Comeback to me, fly away across the sea."

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