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A day I don't remember, a date I won't forget.

Updated: Jun 3

May 5th 2017 is a day I don't remember but it's a date I won't forget.

It will be the anniversary of the day 3 years ago, when my life changed forever.

On that day I was taken to hospital with an infection that very nearly took my life. It led to Bacterial Meningitis and Sepsis and left me in a coma. After 5 weeks in intensive care I was moved to a recovery ward which is where my first memories came I discovered I had been a musician and found songs that had been written in the past. Since being discharged later that year, my mission has been to record them and set them free.

I promised that by May 5th this year, the first one would be released.  

It was hard work but on Tuesday, 'Havana' went  live on Spotify, Apple Music and itunes.

As with all the songs, I dont remember writing it but maybe that's doesn't matter.

What matters is that it gets to be heard.

To listen to Havana and download it for free, please visit the homepage.

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