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The first song I heard...

Updated: Jun 3

Picture the scene You wake up in your hospital bed and you've lost your memory. You're trying to work who you are and what your life had been like up to that point Then a song comes into your mind and somehow, you realise it's a song you wrote You're not sure when, or even how, but you know you wrote it. . Over the next few days you sit on the edge of your bed writing the words. They may not be the exact words but they're enough to tell the story. In your heart, that is all that really matters. That was my experience after waking from a coma in June, 2017 I was in hospital having almost died from a combination of bacterial meningitis, encephalitis and sepsis The medical notes read 'He was likely to die at the time' but I wasn't ready to go. After 9 weeks in hospital I was discharged and I found the world a very scary place. I'd have to find a new word to describe it because 'fear' doesn't quite come close. It felt like a combination of being an alien from another planet and a new born child. There were many dark times when I thought "Why have I come back to this?" Then one day I made a decision. I decided I was going to record the song that came back to me in hospital and set it free. The song is called '4000 stars'. I'ts taken just over 3 years but it's ready to go out into the world and shine It will be released on March 21st - the first day of spring

Use the hyperlink to follow on Spotify or Apple Music or buy from Bandcamp.

You'll be able to press 'play' and let it take you to the stars.

Please feel free to share the link with friends and across social media and help me get this song out into the world where it belongs.

Read the story of the song about how 4000 stars came to be.

Visit the homepage to hear the song

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