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David is a singer / song writer who almost died from a brain injury in 2017. After waking from a coma he'd lost his memory so didn't know who he was or what his life had been like.  


Over time, he realised he had been a musician and found songs he'd written in the past.  

He began to sell all his possessions to pay for recording costs and is working towards finishing the album which is called 'One Last Poem'.  

The songs are about distant lovers, far away places and stars in the sky.    

Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds) on drums and Michael Bailey (Chaka Khan) on bass form the rhythm section on 'Comeback' and 'Santa Monica' whilst Gilly Spencer plays piano on '4000 stars' and 'Havana'.  


He also discovered that he had been a world percussionist who played what is now called The Gathering of Drums. This became the foundation for his first TEDx talk which he gave at Edinburgh University in 2022. 


Radio interviews

Talking to Nana Akua  about what  it was like coming out of a coma and how the songs came to life

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Listen to the 2022 interview with Leslie Tate on Radio Dacorum, where we play both Santa Monica and Long TIme for the first time on radio. 

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My first ever radio interview was with Leslie Tate on Radiio Dacorum in 2019.
The episode is titled 'Music and Memory Loss.

Newspaper and blog aritcles

Read the 2022 article written by Christopher Day in
The Comet

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Read the 2019 interview with

Jacob Thorburn in

The Stevenage Comet


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